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A Happy Tail for Stan

We adopted Stan Feb 20th of this year and are proud to say he is a VERY HAPPY member of our family! His favorite things to do are bark at the cats, squirrels and rabbits out the window, cuddle, lick, go for walks and eat. Did I mention he loves to eat? He just celebrated his 7th birthday last month and we hope to have many more with out little boy. Thank you again, Adopt a Pet – Fargo/Moorehead! ❤

-Nikki and Family

A Happy Tail for Pekee!

Pekee and Eddie
Pekee and Eddie

We adopted Pekee (now Bennie aka “Bub”) a few months ago. He had some pretty bad dental issues, but he is finally through the healing process and enjoying life! He is the sweetest funniest little dog I have ever met. He loves to snuggle and will follow you around like a little shadow. He gets to go on play dates with his new friend Eddie and loves to ride in the car. It feels good to see how comfortable he is with us now and we could not be happier. Many thanks to Tara for everything you did for him, you are amazing!

-The Johnson Family