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Many happy years – Sydney

SydneyA happy and yet a sad tale… We adopted Sydney the one year old min-pin in 2000 and she was a wonderful addition to our family. They truly are the King of the Toys, with her animated personality and protective nature. A perfect “companion” when we needed her most. She was very low maintenance and maintained good health all those years. But as time progressed, she did get to the point where we had to “send her off to college.” A tearful send-off but we know it was the right thing to do. We had her for fourteen of her fifteen years and she certainly was a member of the family. She loved photo opportunities, by the way. We’ll be looking again in a few months for another dog, but we wanted to share our complete story of success with Adopt-A-Pet. Thank you!

-Tom and Brenda

Happy Tail – Curly (aka Tanner)

CurlyWe adopted Curly (aka “Tanner”) in March and he very quickly became part of our family! Now we cannot imagine our lives without him. He is our happy, loyal little friend who never leaves our side and always makes us laugh! The dedicated Adopt-a-Pet volunteers were wonderful through the process of adopting him, and we could tell that they cared for him as much as we do. We are forever grateful – and I know Curly is too!

Jessica and Family

Successfull Adoption

My son adopted Leo and Puck from an Adopt a Pet foster home almost 2 years ago. They are brothers and are often seen snuggling in the “pile o cat” position. Their personalities are different, Puck being shy and Leo being curious, but are inseparable.


Leo and Puck
Leo and Puck