Adoption Process

Adopting an animal is a very big decision that should not be taken lightly.  All animals need attention, love and daily exercise.  Many cats and dogs will live 12-15 years, some even beyond that.  Having a pet requires quality food, spay/neuter, yearly shots, heartworm check and prevention. Sometimes other medical conditions can arise. Are you prepared for this commitment?

If interested in an Adopt-A-Pet animal, here is a summary of the adoption process:

  1. Review our Adoption Guide.
  2. Review our Adoption Fees.
  3. We ask that a pre-adoption application be filled out. On the website Pre-Adoption form
  4. An Adopt-A-Pet counselor will screen the potential adoptive household.
  5. If Adopt-A-Pet thinks the household and the animal may be a good match, we will do a home visit. This home visit is to ensure the animal is going to a safe and loving environment and that the household and the pet are compatible.
  6. If the home visit goes well the household will have a two week trial period with the animal. During the two week trial period Adopt-A-Pet supplies food and necessary supplies as well as check up phone calls to see how the trial period is going.  This provides the household an opportunity to live with the pet and help them determine if this is the right pet for them.  At any time during the trial period, the pet can be returned to the foster home.
  7. If all parties are in agreement that the pet\household are a good match after the trial period, then an adoption contract will be filled out, adoption fees paid, and the veterinary papers will be handed over to the new forever household.

Matching Rescued Pets With Loving Homes