To learn more about fostering opportunities, send us a message for Dogs or Cats or please leave a voicemail at 701-232-5681 and leave your contact information and reason for calling.  One of our volunteers will contact you.  If you have not heard from someone after 48hrs, please call again and leave another message.  Also, all volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Application.

Here is some information about fostering:

  • Become a Foster Home
    • Because Adopt-A-Pet does not have a shelter, foster homes are a vital part of our organization’s ability to save rescued pets. Foster homes provide love, daily care, and basic training while the animal awaits adoption. Fostering can range from a few weeks to months, depending on how long it takes to find an adoptive family. All expenses such as food, medical and supplies are covered by Adopt-A-Pet.
    • There are also expectations that you will show your foster pet at Adopt-A-Pet events (example: Adoption Days twice a month at Petco, typically 2 hours).  It’s not always possible to attend every event, but foster homes are encouraged to make their foster pet available to be shown at the events, as it is one way they can be viewed by potential adoptive families.
    • To become a foster home, there are only a few steps to go through:
      • Fill out a Foster Home Application
        • Applications will be reviewed by key volunteers responsible for the adoption of the type of animal you are interested in fostering (Dog or Cat)
      • Set up a home visit
        • Once the foster home application is reviewed and approved, a foster home application reviewer will visit the home to ensure the animal will be in a safe and loving environment appropriate for the animal, as well as meet all members of the household.
    • Fostering is a very rewarding experience. To show these animals that there are people that love and care for them is a truly life changing experience. contact us today!

Matching Rescued Pets With Loving Homes