Meet Faith

Faith is a 6 month old Collie/Lab/Beagle mix. She weighs about 46 pounds, has a very soft, beautiful coat, and has recently been spayed. She is kennel trained, sleeps through the night, and I would say house trained as well. She isn’t consistent yet, in letting me know when she needs to go out, but as long as I take her out regularly, she doesn’t have accidents inside . AJ3A3826
Faith is a very sweet, mild mannered puppy! She was a little shy when we first got her, but she has been introduced to many people, as well as other dogs, and she is making great progress! She gets along well with other dogs, big and small alike, and loves to chase and wrestle, so she would make a great canine companion if you already have a dog. She loves to go for walks and is doing very well on the leash. Faith also enjoys being outside, romping and playing in the yard, so a fenced yard is a must. For a puppy, she really doesn’t get into very much mischief, except she likes to steal clothing from the laundry basket – she carries it around, and takes it to her kennel, but hasn’t been destructive. She is a fun and playful pup who is easy to have around. If you are interested in a large breed puppy, and would like to bypass the busiest puppy days, Faith might be just the one for you – she is a very nice dog!
Please email us at if you would be interested in more information about Faith.

Happy Tail – Abby

20140719_205525We adopted Abby coming up on 2 years ago. She has been the perfect addition. She is still very hyper but super snugly. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her! The picture is of her and her big sister Shelby announcing that they are both going to be big sisters!